fire [fīr]
[ME fyr < OE, akin to Ger feuer < IE base * pewōr- > Gr pyra, PYRE, Czech pýř, glowing embers]
1. the active principle of burning, characterized by the heat and light of combustion
2. fuel burning in a furnace, fireplace, etc.
3. an instance of burning that is undesired, uncontrolled, and destructive [a forest fire]
4. any preparation that will burn and make a brilliant display [Greek fire]
a) anything like fire, as in heat or brilliance
b) firelike brilliance
6. death, torture, or trial by burning
7. extreme suffering or distress that tries one's endurance; tribulation or ordeal
8. a feverish or inflamed condition of the body
9. strong feeling; excitement; ardor [a speech full of fire]
10. vivid imagination
a) a discharge of firearms or artillery; shooting
b) anything like this in speed and continuity of action [a fire of criticism]
fired, firing [ME firen < OE fyrian]
1. to apply fire to; make burn; ignite
2. to supply with fuel; tend the fire of [to fire a furnace]
3. to bake (bricks, pottery, etc.) in a kiln
4. to dry by heat
5. to make bright or illuminate, as if by fire
a) to animate or inspire
b) to excite, stimulate, or inflame: often with up
a) to shoot or discharge (a gun, bullet, etc.)
b) to make explode by igniting
8. to hurl or direct with force and suddenness [fire a rock, fire questions ]
9. [pun on discharge] to dismiss from a position; discharge
1. to start burning; flame
2. to tend a fire
3. to become excited or aroused
4. to react in a specified way to firing in a kiln [a glaze that fires bright blue]
5. to shoot a firearm
6. to discharge a projectile [the gun fired]
7. to become yellow prematurely, as corn or grain
between two fires
between two attacks; shot at, criticized, etc. from both sides
catch on fire or catch fire
to begin burning; ignite
fire away
Informal to begin; start, esp. to talk or ask questions
fire up
1. to start a fire in a furnace, stove, etc.
2. to start or warm up (an engine, etc.)
3. to become suddenly angry
go through fire and water
to undergo great difficulties or dangers
miss fire
1. to fail to fire, as a gun
2. to fail in an attempt
on fire
1. burning
2. greatly excited; full of ardor
open fire
1. to begin to shoot
2. to begin; start
play with fire
to do something risky
set fire to
to make burn; ignite
set the world on fire
to become famous through brilliant achievements
strike fire
to make a spark, as with tinder
take fire
1. to begin to burn
2. to become excited
under fire
1. under attack, as by gunfire
2. subjected to criticism, etc.

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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